Recent papers are listed under the relevant sections in current research.

A complete list of publications from group members can be found on the IST repository.

Selected Publications

Barton, N.H., Etheridge, and A.M., Veber, A. (2017). The infinitesimal model: definition, derivation and implications.Theoretical Population Biology, 118, 50-73.

Ringbauer, H., Coop, G., and Barton, N.H. (2017). Inferring recent demography from isolation by distance of long shared sequence blocks. Genetics, 205, 1335-1351.

Lohse, K., Chmelik, M., Martin, S.H., and Barton, N.H. (2016). Efficient strategies for calculating blockwise likelihoods under the coalescent. Genetics 202, 775-786.

Friedlander, T., Prizak, R., Guet, C., Barton, N.H., and Tkacik, G. (2016). Intrinsic limits to gene regulation by global crosstalk. Nature Communications, 7, 12307.

Barton, N.H., Briggs, D.E.G., Eisen, J.A., Goldstein, D.B., and Patel, N.H. (2007). Evolution. NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.