PhD Students

Louise Arathoon

I am studying inbreeding depression and its role in maintaining self-incompatibility in a wild plant (Antirrhinum majus) population.

Michal Hledik

Kseniia Khudiakova

Oluwafunmilola Olusanya

Gemma Puixeu Sala

My research focus is the study of evolutionary causes and consequences of sex differences. I am interested in understanding 1) why sexual conflict remains pervasive in spite of the existance of mechanisms to resolve it and 2) what the consequences of such long-standing conflict are, particularly in terms of biomedical implications. I am using a combination of theroy and bioinformatic data analyses to answer these questions.

Parvathy Surendranadh

I am mainly interested in spatial population genetics, where I study the effects of heterogeneous population structure in shaping genetic variation. This includes both developing theory and applying it to spatial genetic data. I am also interested in generating better inference methods that can explain the data and further be used to infer demography by analysing signatures of population structure.  

Diego Garcia Castillo

Stepan Ovchinnikov

Arka Pal

Anastasiya Tsyhanova