Guide to the group

We are all learning about an extraordinarily broad field.  Although we focus, day-to-day, on specific projects, we also need to build a wide perspective – which, apart from its intrinsic value, is essential if we are to hatch new ideas, win grants, and transmit our knowledge through teaching and outreach.  So, it’s important to balance time between completing particular projects, and learning about evolutionary biology as a whole.  

This learning will come more from wide reading and spontaneous interactions than from working on specific projects or taking specific courses.  Everyone is expected to contribute to group activities, in a variety of ways: looking after rotation students, helping organise activities, and simply by discussing science with each other.

Group & IST events

  • Cake meeting: weekly, Wednesdays 4pm, 1st floor meeting room; social cake on the terrace afterwards. Organisers: Funmi & Annie;
  • Life Science Seminars: alternate Thursdays, Organisers: Louis Alesch, schedule here
  • Institute colloquium: weekly, Mondays 11:30am, Raiffeisen Lecture Hall

External links

Books & Journals

The best way to learn the subject is to read the classic texts: there is a rich literature. The library has quite a good collection; do make suggestions for books that you think they should get.

  • You are welcome to borrow books form Nick’s office – please leave a yellow card when you borrow.
  • The Classics in Evolutionary Biology course has a list of papers which varies from year to year; the 2021 list is here


Courses across Vienna are listed on evolVienna. ISTA courses are detailed here.  Some of the most relevant are:

  • Population Genetics: the basics
  • Molecular Population Genetics
  • Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
  • Classics in Evolutionary Biology
  • Introduction to Biology
  • Applications of Stochastic Processes
  • Data Visualisation
  • Bioinformatics

Societies & Conferences

  • ESEB: European Society for Evolutionary Biology; bi-annual meeting
  • SMBE: Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution; annual meeting
  • PGG: Population Genetics Group (UK); annual meeting
  • SSE: Society for the Study of Evolution; annual meeting

Internal Events

Group members can view the schedule for group meetings, journal club and social activities here